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Our valued customers,

I hope this message finds you & your families safe and well! 

We are all struggling with the present National Crisis and what is or isn’t allowed or safe considering all of the “Safer at Home” & “Shelter in Place” orders from State & local authorities. The Federal Government (DHS) has defined “Transportation and Logistics Industry” and related businesses as part of the Essential Services for the country. However, States have been given general autonomy relative to “Lockdown” posture. At KSAP we have interpreted Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s letter (see the attached) of “Shelter in Place” and the essential services that could remain open to definitely include auto parts distribution which is why we have remained open at all 13 locations (Georgia, Alabama & Kentucky have a similar designation or have deferred to the Federal definition). Furthermore, on page #9 section #11 of the same letter Governor Lee goes on to specify auto repair shops as part of Essential Services in the State of Tennessee. 

Please do not misunderstand, KSAP management is NOT making the recommendation that your business be open during the Lockdown! What we are advocating is that each of you make your own decision with the knowledge that the State of Tennessee has recognized your business as essential which allows you to be open if you choose. KSAP will be open to service your parts needs and we’re taking precautions designed to promote safety. All of our contract drivers are wearing disposable gloves to deliver product. The driver’s should be practicing social distancing and we’ll try to accommodate further special safety requests within reason. 

Like most of you, we’re a locally owned & operated company. Our employees live in the community with you and spend their money with your shop and other local businesses. The collective financial impact has been devastating to our nation & our communities. Local small business owners are in peril particularly those that are being forced to remain temporarily closed! 

As you’re probably aware, the Federal government recently passed the CARES act that has a PPP provision within to specifically help small businesses (500 employees or less) maintain their employees and pay rent/interest. Please check with your bank as this SBA loan may be forgivable provided certain conditions are met. The funds are limited so don’t delay applying! We appreciate your business and want to continue partnering with each of you during this trying time! 

Prayerfully we can all return to some sense of normalcy soon!!

Stay Safe!!

Ken Smith Auto Parts